Client Services

Your investment is our priority

At (UK) Property Pot we offer a modern estate agent approach to our property management service. We believe in service built around our client’s choice to distance themselves from the day-to-day running of their property portfolio, while wanting to maximise the investment rental yield.

We achieve this firstly by keeping running costs low, reducing central London operating overheads and basing our head office in Sussex, working from mobile offices in London as needed. We employ a small but highly skilled, loyal and professional team of property professionals and property maintenance tradesmen. We are selective about our clients and therefore the portfolios we work with keeping them manageable. And most importantly, we provide our clients with a fully inclusive service without any hidden ‘extras’. (UK) Property Pot doesn’t just administrate your portfolio, we live and breath it, maximising its potential.

Taking time to meet each client, we get to know each of the properties within a portfolio and, importantly, meet the tenants too. They are an integral part of the package and their happiness is paramount to long term success. Often, our landlords are able to attract higher rents and experience fewer vacant periods due to the high level of service we offer.

Relationship and incredible organisation are key to our ability to drive down costs. Savings are passed on to our clients through our low and fully inclusive management rate.

We are a residential property managing agent first and letting/sales agent second. Our service operates independently, not simply as a bolt on to an agency’s letting package. We do not offer a let only service.

In our experience, when landlords use letting agents to oversee upkeep of their properties, it can be very low priority to the agent and landlords rarely get value for money. Busy letting agents with small teams may never see inside a property and when problems arise, call a third party contractor, handing over the keys and allowing them to visit unaccompanied. This often proves a costly way of dealing with simple problems such as a blown fuse. In many cases, we solve such problems with no need to call out third parties or disturb our clients. And we know our client’s properties inside out.

Our focus is on relationship and business for the long haul not rapid turnover of clients for quick profit.

We invest in our business so we can offer the best to our clients. This includes using state of the art technologies, modern policies and procedures to streamline our service for both our clients and tenants. The (UK) Property Pot system offers our clients a unique and reliable hands off approach to property management no matter where they/you are in the world.