Tenant Services

You will not find our properties available directly through any other agent.

At (UK) Property Pot we offer a modern approach to our tenant’s home search and property management service. We have a ‘closed book’ property portfolio for which we act as sole managing agent.

Choosing to rent a property through us means you will be treated with respect, we will listen to your needs, and ensure the maintenance of the property to a safe standard throughout your tenancy. We deliver an excellent service because we are directly responsible for the maintenance of the property. We can act quicker than any other agent. Maintenance is carried out swiftly and safely, leaving you free to enjoy your home.

We take the time to meet all our tenants as your happiness is paramount. Many of our tenants renew year after year because of the high level of service we offer.

Professionalism is at the centre of all we do. (UK) Property Pot is a fully ARLA & NAEA accredited and licensed Estate Agency. Our tenants benefit from an agent with professional code of conduct, professional indemnity insurance, Client Money Protection Insurance (CMP) and fully audited client money and client deposit accounts.

We are a residential property managing agent first and letting/sales agent second. Our service operates independently, not simply as a bolt on to an agency’s letting package. We do not offer a let only service.

In our experience, when Landlords use letting agents to oversee upkeep of their properties, it can be very low priority to the agent and tenants suffer as a result. Busy letting agents with small teams may never see inside a property and when problems arise, call a third party contractor, handing over the keys and allowing them to visit unaccompanied. This often proves a time consuming way of dealing with simple problems such as a blown fuse. In many cases, we solve such problems with no need to call out third parties.

Relationship and organisation are at the heart of our service. We know our properties inside out, we know all of our tenants, and we put property maintenance at the forefront of providing excellent customer service.